OUIBUS has redefined the charter for long-distance coach travel. In order to create a completely new service to meet the needs of European travellers, we carried out in-depth research among our future clients. The objective? To determine the criteria around which we could construct the OUIBUS positioning to guarantee a unique and distinct service. 4 key needs were identified and these have become the founding values of OUIBUS.


OUIBUS transports you from A to B, but it also does much more. From the moment you reserve your trip to the moment you step off the OUIBUS, you are the main priority for all the professionals with whom you will come into contact, from sales representative to captain to reception staff. Our mission: to guarantee you a journey where pleasure rhymes with comfort, and serenity with safety. Our maxim: to listen to your needs and offer you the best possible service.

Simple and reliable

OUIBUS offers a simple service that makes life easier for its passengers. With OUIBUS, you benefit from all the advantages of travelling by road with none of the inconveniences: your captain is there with the whole Passenger Services department behind him, to ensure you arrive at your destination safe and sound. He or she has state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee the utmost reliability of your journey; modern coaches with Driver Assistance System, liaison with a central exchange and geolocation. You are also protected in your seat with 3-point safety belts. And we guarantee simplicity for everyone without distinction, as OUIBUS is the first fleet that is 100% equipped to accommodate people with reduced mobility.


To guarantee maximum appeal, OUIBUS services have been designed to create the right balance: respect for passengers’ budgetary constraints without reducing the service to a minimum, offering a service that stands out from the crowd while remaining profitable, offering an alternative form of road transport to the car while respecting the environment. It is by taking up this triple challenge that OUIBUS aims to be the leader on the market offering eco-friendly and economic transport solutions between European cities.

Open and modern

The OUIBUS brand has an inbred international DNA. It has been created to reflect the changes taking place within our society in which individualism is gradually disappearing to make room for a desire to share, for conviviality and pleasure. The trend towards travelling in numbers is growing. It is the future. And doing this together within Europe, mingling different cultures and different countries is even better. It is against this background that OUIBUS has innovated and revolutionised long-distance coach travel with its very original service and its sign-off ‘Smart travel, together'.