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Ouibus in Morlaix


Ouibus in Morlaix

17 boulevard Saint Martin, 29600 Saint-Martin des Champs, France

Explore the hills of Morlaix

When getting off your OUIBUS in Morlaix, there’ll be no denying it – you’ll have to climb! Surrounded by three hills, the town can be explored by climbing up and down its narrow streets, called venelles. The venelle aux Prêtres will take you to the viaduct, a huge bridge built 150 years ago during the construction of the railway linking Paris and Brest. From the viaduct, enjoy a great view of the bay of Morlaix.

In the distance, you can see the château du Taureau. This symbolic monument was built in the 16th century to protect the town from English privateers. In the summer, it is possible to reach the fort by boat, and then, tide permitting, to carry on to the islands such as the île de Louët, where you can spend the night.

Once you’re back on the main land, head down the venelle de la Roche, where you can admire the old city ramparts. The only protection left standing is the maison Penanault, a stone manor built by a rich owner around an old watchtower. Its impressive roof is actually the overturned hull of a boat and it houses a museum where you can discover the history of the Morlaix region.

Back in the town centre, visit the ancient convent of the Jacobins, transformed into a contemporary art museum, and two famous houses: the maison à Pondalez and the Duchesse Anne house, both built in the 16th century and panelled with wood. It’s precious and unique style allows the Duchesse’s house to break all urban construction rules and stick out more than fifty centimetres into the street… But that shouldn’t stop OUIBUS from getting through and taking you to your next destination!


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