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Ouibus in Besançon


Ouibus in Besançon

Parking relais Micropolis, Bvd Salvador Allende, 25000 Besançon, France

Ancient history and culture

The most visited site in Besançon and in the whole of the Franche-Comté department is the famous Citadel designed by Vauban, which was built between 1678 and 1771. You may not have realised it but Besançon was an important settlement during the Roman occupation of Gaul. Back then it was called Vesontio. The Porte Noire, is a Roman triumphal arch that was built in the 2nd century and is remarkably well preserved. You will find it in the Saint-Jean district. A city of art and history, Besançon has a fabulous cultural offering, including no less than five museums. The Museum of Fine Arts and Archaeology was founded in 1694, making it the city’s oldest museum, in fact it’s even older than the Louvre Museum in Paris!

If you want to be whisked away on a fun and light-hearted journey through time, stop by the Museum of Time which showcases a fascinating collection of timepieces and other instruments (sundials, clocks, hourglasses and so on). Clock-making was historically an important activity in Besançon. The house where Victor Hugo was born is another cultural place of pilgrimage in the town. If you appreciate good food, you’ll love Besançon, where every mealtime or break is an opportunity to try more delicious things. Don’t miss the chance to try the delicious dishes such as tarte au comté, trout with blue cheese, Montbéliard sausages, and of course all the finest Jura wines…

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