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Ouibus in Angoulême


Ouibus in Angoulême

Rond point de Girac, 16959 Angoulême

Boarding takes place at the bus stop "St-Michel Vieux Girac", bus lines 8, 52, 74

Let yourself be drawn to Angouleme

Chapter 1: OUIBUS goes to Angouleme! Here is a city that lives and breathes comic books, with over twenty walls covered in intricate, story-telling illustrations. At the heart of the city, the Marquet island boasts such natural beauty you wouldn’t be surprised to find all your favourite characters hiding there…

Further on, the Houmeau harbour marks the start of the boat-friendly part of the Charente river. Rent a barge or a canoe for a romantic stroll on the water or head towards the Atlantic for some adventure. With a sip of Cognac or Pineau des Charentes, let yourself be taken back to medieval times: the old castle is now the town hall, but the sculpted friezes of Saint-Peter’s cathedral, Romanesque masterpiece built in the 12th century, still narrate the chivalrous tales of the Song of Roland…

Each year, the medieval ramparts come alive with the sound of yet another kind of duel: that of the antique cars competing against each other in Angouleme’s famous old timers’ race. But what if you run out of petrol? No worries, OUIBUS will see you safely home.


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Looking to travel to Angouleme by bus? Great news: OUIBUS will take you there from 9 euros. Whether you’re journeying across Europe or going on a weekend jaunt not far from home, there’s no need to sacrifice your comfort. OUIBUS means more space and individual service. You won’t need to remember to charge your phone two days before you go, nor will you have to negotiate with your neighbour to turn out the light. Peace and quiet guaranteed. Reassured? Off you go!