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Ouibus in Amiens


Ouibus in Amiens

47 place Alphonse-Fiquet, 80017 Amiens, France

Boarding takes place on Rue La Vallée, right next to the SNCF train station. Go to the departure point for regional coaches

Jules Verne’s city opens its arms to you

Often referred to as the mini Venice of the North, for its canals and floating gardens (“hortillonnages”) which characterise the city, Amiens is over 2,000 years old, so you can imagine the wealth of historic treasures to be found here! It’s strategic location makes it ideal for a weekend break. Go for a wander in the Saint-Leu district and lose yourself among the charming maze of narrow lanes. If you like discovering new churches, don’t miss the chance to visit the Gothic cathedral of Notre-Dame, with its vast interior (at 200,000m it’s twice the size of Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris). Since 1981, is has been classed by Unesco as a “masterpiece of world heritage”.

Have a look at the Cirque Jules Verne. Built in 1889 in local brick, with a cast iron frame, this is an emblematic structure in the modernist style style by architect Emile Ricquier. Kids and adults alike will love visiting the House of Jules Verne, a 19th century mansion which is stuffed with fascinating items that belonged to the writer – over 700 objects in fact! Jules Verne lived there between 1882 and 1900.

But how will you get to Amiens? By OUIBUS, of course!


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